Simplify the design and construction of concrete:

Overlapping the rebars & creating a joint is not always an appropriate means of connecting TMT bars. The overlapping technique can be time consuming in terms of design and installation and can lead to greater congestion within the concrete because of the increased amount of TMT used.

The ABS Rebar couplers can simplify the design and construction of reinforced concrete and reduce the amount of reinforcement required. Overlapping are dependent upon the concrete for load transfer. For this reason any degradation in the integrity of the concrete could significantly affect the performance of the joint. The strength of a mechanical splice is independent of the concrete in which it is located and will retain its strength despite loss of cover as a result of impact damage or seismic event.
The ABS range of reinforcing bar couplers is the most comprehensive available and includes tapered threaded, parallel threaded, mechanically bolted and grouted couplers. Stainless steel couplers complete the range.

What is a Rebar Coupler?
Rebar Coupler provides an enhanced mechanism to join TMT bars with greater strength & longevity. What more, rebar coupler inspite of providing a beter solution is also more economical. Rebar Couplers omit the requirement of overlapping TMT bars.


  • The momentum of lying of reinforcement is continuous. Flow of work does not break.
  • The reinforcement is continuous providing mechanical strength to the structure independent of concrete.
  • Proven to be more reliable & safe than traditional TMT lapping during man-made, seismic or natural events.
  • Rebar couplers enhance the quality of constructions at a reduced cost and saves time.
  • The introduction of rebar couplers in the construction industry is to reduce wastage of TMT Bars due to overlapping. It saves you from over use & Scrap.
  • Using rebar couplers, you can design with more flexibility. Even the most complex designs which are not possible with traditional overlapping methods are possible using rebar couplers.
  • It reduces congestion of TMT and improves the flow of concrete. Can be used for joining TMT bars of different diameters.


Diameter : ABS Couplers are available for TMT bars of diameter 12mm to 35mm
Length : Standard length of couplers are 38mm to 130mm ABS can customize rebar couplers as per customer requirement upon bulk orders.


For many years the traditional method of overlapping reinforcing bars has been in use.
Engineers and contractors now recognize the benefits of using rebar couplers to accelerate the speed of construction, increase productivity and simplify design details.
The ABS range of rebar couplers require different fixing methods. This, together with the quantity to be fixed and the location, will determine which is the most appropriate coupler for a particular situation. Our range is as follows

1. ABS – PT : This is a parallel threaded coupler. This type of coupler is used where a continuing TMT bar can be rotated.
2. ABS – TT : The ABS Tapered Thread coupler is designed to suit the majority of applications
which require the joining of TMT bars. The ends of the TMT bar are cut square and a tapered thread is cut onto the bar to suit the tapered thread coupler. The coupler is tightened onto the threaded TMT bar using a wrench.

3. ABS – MBT : Mechanically Bolted Couplers are designed for the connection of two TMT bars which haven’t been threaded. A cost effective method of joining TMT bars when the fixed bar is already in place with tight spacing. Neither it is necessary to thread the TMT bar ends nor is the rotation required. Easy installation for all reinforcement complications. A standard wrench can be used to tighten the bolts

4. ABS – TTT : The ABS Tapered Thread Transition coupler is used to join TMT bars of different diameters where one coupler can be rotated. These couplers are designed to achieve failure loads greater than 115% of the characteristic strength of the smaller diameter grade 500 TMT bar. This coupler comprises an internally threaded sleeve with two right hand threads both of which are tapered towards the middle of the coupler.

Comparison Table Of Costs Of Rebar Couplers Lap Joints

Size of TMT (mm) Size of TMT (mm) Weight per metre (kg/m) Weight of the lap(kg) Cost of material Wastage in lapping @Rs 41 per Kg Cost of Coupler Difference in price of Coupler & Lap joint
12 0.54 0.89 0.48 19.68 30 -10.32
16 0.72 1.58 1.14 46.74 32 14.74
20 0.90 2.47 2.22 91.02 45 46.02
25 1.13 3.86 4.34 177.94 65 112.94
32 1.44 6.32 9.10 373.10 110 263.10
40 1.80 9.88 17.78 728.98 180 548.98