The ADAPTEC System applies to the construction of the concrete superstructure of buildings. While its use will benefit other trades and must be coordinated with some of them, it operates independently.


Projects requiring more than one set of ADAPTEC System will be organized into “Streams”, with each Stream working almost independently. One Project Manager could, if necessary, handle several such Streams. Obviously, the rate of production for a project can be accelerated by increasing the number of Streams. However, that decision is made long before the field work begins.

While each project will have its unique features, the structure of each stream will be similar. It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to see that all trades follow the schedule of work set by the formwork, as the formwork is the key element in the progress of the work.

Regardless of contractual relationships, the line of authority for each trade must flow down from Project Manager to Supervisors, to Crew Chiefs, to Labourers. Each must operate in a normal way that constitutes good construction management. There need be nothing unusual about duties and responsibilities, directing, controlling, recording and reporting the work. However, with the ADAPTEC System, there are some special considerations for the Formwork Supervisor

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We are Adaptec Building Solutions, we have 70 years’ experience in Steel and other MS products and 40 years of experience in building materials, we form a strong case for a company that can provide best building solutions to our clients.
We are Manufacturers and suppliers of the following from Hyderabad:

  • Aluminium Formwork – Design and Supply
    • Mivan Type Aluminium Formwork
      • Design and Support with Manufacturing
    • Refurbishment of Aluminium Formwork
    • Accessories for Aluminium Formwork
      • Wall Ties – Any Size (Low carbon steel for better durability)
      • Pins and Wedges/ Stub Pins
      • Nuts and Bolts
      • Aluminium Soldier Tie(ST)/ Beam Bar
      • Wing Nuts
      • Door Spacers
      • Soldiers and Wallers
      • Polythene Sleeve and Rolls
      • Waller Brackets/L- Pins/ Tie Rods with Brackets
      • Aluminium Niche Boxes
    • Plywood Formwork – Design and Supply
      • Doka Type Table Formwork
      • Drop System with aluminium reinforcement
      • Conventional Formwork with LVL/ Runners reinforcement
      • H-Beams and Wallers system
    • Rebar Couplers with Threading

Adaptec Building Solutions is a building materials company that provides high-quality products and reliable service to customers and communities in country-wide. We have motto to provide innovative building solutions, efficient technology, to promote sustained business.
In addition to our growth in expanding its clients’ base, it’s the geographical position of the city of Hyderabad, that gives us the edge, in being the centre of major construction upward region, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Vizag, Vijayawada, Nagpur, Nashik, Chennai and others.
Aluminium Formwork System is highly suited to load bearing wall construction whereas traditional formwork systems are not suitable under high pressures of the concrete. Also, providing 15% savings in the structure and formwork being reused multiple times can ever further the savings. Hence seeing this, construction stakeholders are increasingly emphasizing on the use of new and innovative construction techniques.
In order to meet the client’s requirement and satisfaction, we have focused on developing more efficient and smart solutions combining with innovative internal programs.
Every week, we have quality control and production meeting in which each representative reports and discusses about positive and negative results to find potential synergy effect.